Democrats’ Cowardly Fear That Biden Ends Title 42 Will Cost Them Seats

Following a much-needed move by the Biden administration to finally end Title 42, a cruel Trump administration policy that basically blocked people’s legal right to seek asylum at the southern border of the US was already in a pandemic; some Democratic senators are reportedly upset by the decision and accuse President Joe Biden’s policy of lacking a real plan.

Reports of Democrats’ anger at Biden are typical of a party that has never crafted an effective message to counter Republican xenophobic views that immigrants are a threat.

according to a washington post report Last week, Colorado Senator Michael Bennett, Arizona Senator Mark Kelly, Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock and New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan, all Democrats facing re-election, they are leading a “growing riot” against Biden’s Title 42 decision to avoid creating “chaotic conditions” at the US-Mexico border.

The reports on Democrats’ anger against Biden they are typical of a party that has never crafted an effective message to counter Republicans’ wildly inaccurate, extreme and xenophobic views that immigrants are a direct threat to this nation. When it is time to present a more accurate picture of how the migration has benefited In the United States, too many Democrats lack courage.

The news of the end of Title 42 is especially troubling for Cortez Masto, the first and only Latina in the Senate. He won in 2016 in a state that has increasingly seen an increase in Latino voters, even in the intermediate cycles. Cortes Masto said in a statement to the Nevada Current this month that ending Title 42 “is the wrong way to do this and will leave the administration unprepared for a surge at the border,” adding that “we should be working to fix our immigration system by investing in border security and treating immigrant families with dignity. Instead, the administration is acting without a detailed plan.”


In case Cortez Masto missed the memo from countless immigrant rights advocates, “treating immigrant families with dignity” begins by ending Title 42. In 2018, two years before Title 42’s implementation , Cortes Masto correctly said Then-President Donald Trump should stop using detained migrant children as “bargain currency.” Now the same senator is facing reelection and criticizes Biden for ending one of Trump’s worst policies

Cortez Masto’s inconsistent messaging illustrates how the Democrats have lost the immigration debate to the Republican Party. Historically, much of the blame has fallen on moderate Democrats, such as former President Bill Clinton, who misconstrued migration as a national security issue and emphasized the detention compared to other more humane solutions. Democrats continue to buy into Republicans’ neo-nativist narratives when what they should be doing is presenting alternative narratives that combat Republican extremism. In general, the country seems more worried about the news of the “waves” of migrants than wondering who are the faces b.Behind a record number of crosses.

As my co-host of the “In the Thick” podcast María Hinojosa said Sunday on MSNBC: “The only thing the Biden administration can begin to do is correct the narrative. This is not a threat. He is a welcoming president. We are a welcoming country.”

This is where the Democrats are completely failing. They have no answer to the constant “no” from Republicans or to the political theater of leaders like Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who, in addition to exploiting migrants once again by having them bused to Washington, he caused an international economic problem with his response to Biden’s announcement that Title 42 will end next month. Abbott demanded a raise truck inspections entering the United States from Mexico, stopping trade across that border.

That blatant attack on the US economy was greeted with predictable political statements of the Texas Democrats and the Toothless White House. As always, the Democrats failed to fight back.

That refusal to fight is also why the Republican narrative that all migration is bad dominates the American conscience. Not surprisingly, Gallup recently reported that 58 percent of Americans are dissatisfied with immigration levels., which he said is “an eight percentage point increase in dissatisfaction from last year and a return to the 2019-2020 range.” Such a change in a year’s time suggests that the current Democratic political strategy of criticizing Republican immigration policies rather than offering new scenarios is simply not working.

Democrats should double down on the Republican narrative and create a new one that properly sees migration as beneficial.

What the Democrats should be doing is doubling down on the one Republican narrative and crafting a new one that properly portrays immigration as good and beneficial to our country. Immigrant rights groups they have shared many facts to easily shoot down Republican fears of a multiethnic, multiracial, immigrant-friendly nation, but for some strange reason, Democrats still feel the need to get tough on immigration. Why? Because they are afraid of a Republican backlash? The Republican backlash they’ll get anyway? Instead of trying to win a fight they will never win, why can’t the Democrats lead with other information, like the many polls that show that about 7 out of 10 Americans favor a road to citizenship for Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status holders, and undocumented workers who were essential during the pandemic?

In Arizona and Nevada, Latino voters are just beginning to become a political force, and it’s important that Democrats invest more in those states. Biden’s victory in 2020 showed that Latino voters there made a difference, but two Senate Democrats from those states openly questioning Biden’s plan to discontinue Title 42 is not the way to keep those voters. This is the time for Democrats to be brave and remember who put them in office.

latinos are still on track to vote at historic levels in 2022, but they need something to get excited about. Inconsistent messaging on Title 42 exposes the same Democratic hypocrisy that has plagued the party in the past. Imagine if the Democrats were braver. At least they would be giving that burgeoning Latino political force something to vote for.

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